Packing/Unpacking Services
  • Larger vans
    Getting moves done in one trip
  • Furniture assembly
    Included in every move
  • Regular testing
    Made regulargy for a smooth move
  • Stragegic planning
    To cut hassle away from moving

Quick & Professional packing and unpacking!

Long Distance Removal provides customers with packing and unpacking services and loading and unloading services. It is stressful to have to pack items during a move and it is a very frustrating moment to have to ransack through belongings to find where things are whilst unpacking.

Our removal team are here to help you pack all items. We have a colour coding system that we use to allow you to find all that you require.

We take time to write down all items that we are packing in to boxes as this allows you the ease of picking out the correct boxes when you need them.

Long Distance Removal also loads and unloads all your items. We do not expect you to help us whilst our removal team loads your belongings into the vans. We take care to look after our customers to the best of way we can.

Long Distance removal has a high number of customers that are moving to nursing homes or are incapable of moving their items physically by themselves. Our team members are very careful in looking after you and your personal items. If you would like a personalised quote call us or send us an email for an instant personalised quote.

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